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GPK Flashbacks now added
Posted on: 2010-07-06
Posted by: Joe Blow
The all new Series 8 is now online with images. The Flashback cards have several cards from the original GPK series including some clever Where Are They Now cards.

ANS7 is in the books
Posted on: 2008-10-09
Posted by: Joe Blow
We finally have series 7 posted and able for you to search. Pictures are up as well including most special cards from previous series (foil cards, scratch-n-stink, etc). Here's hoping for ANS8!

Help Wanted
Posted on: 2008-02-11
Posted by: Joe Blow
As you know, the new series is out and earns two thumbs up. I should have them in the database before long. I am looking for help for anyone who can scan in cards and backs. Please contact me if you can donate your services to the greater good.