Each card in the Garbage Pail Kid database can be viewed for specific information. Though some of the information may seem trivial, it really helps when searching for a specific card. I've used it a couple times to determine which card was contained in a sealed pack.
         The GPK database contains 1300+ records (that includes variations).

         The fields are as follows:
Index This is a unique number I use to identify each Garbage Pail Kid card. It's technically a key field for the database
Number This is the number that appears in the upper (1-620)
Type This is the letter that appears next to the number which was used to identify a card from its alias (a or b).
[NOTE: 8th series was the only series to use capital letters, although they are listed as lowercase in the database]
Name This is the name of the Garbage Pail Kid. Although the actual cards used BOLD lettering for the names, the database doesn't distinguish which is which. Any confusion, however, was noted in the Comments field
Series This is the series of the card (1-15).
[NOTE: The database does not include the unreleased 16th series]
Back This field notes what appeared on the back of the card. A full search on the backs can be found here
Header Style This is the style of GPK header used. It is either Old () or New ()
Header Color This is the color of the font inside the Garbage Pail Kid header
Name Box This is the color of the box that contains the name
Name Text This is the color of the text inside the name box
Orientation This is the orientation of the card. Normal cards are classified as Portrait and longways cards are Landscape
Comment This field contains unique information about variations or cool facts about some cards